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This page is a repository for various photographs from albums of family members, generally of the Scott Family from Waskatenau, Alberta. The collection includes photographs contributed by various members of the family. During the last 100 years my first and second cousins and their children and grandchildren have take up residence in many countries. Often they have with them photographs for which they do not know the persons shown. Hopefully this site will allow us to, as a family place names and events to the photographs. If you can help by identifying or adding to the collection please contact me.

I have chosen to display the photographs sorted roughly by decade -- but I might not always be right. In some instances the photographs are not of family members but are of interest if only to wonder who and why they are in the family albums.

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From the 1900s

In this card the proprietor is identified as
J. McCardle. I cannot identify any of the
 persons in the photograph.

credit: collection of Kenneth Scott

A Postcard 1907

This postcard dated Oct 2, 1907(?) is addressed to Polly Melbourne. It is of interest because the photograph is the Old Harrow Pub in Thames Ditton that was managed by the Melbournes for a time before they emigrated to Canada. The message is as follows:

Dear Friend
Have finished my country job another seems to be very little in shape but I go up tomorrow. They have just buried poor old Fred Wilmer. I suppose you heard of his death in hospital. hope you are very much better.
Your sincere

Had Polly been in hospital and was recuperating? Who was Bill. And who was poor old Fred Wilmer?

On a Walk about 1908

This is a photograph taken on an outing by Elsie Ribbins, Bert Fry, his wife Lillian (Scott) Fry and Sydney Scott. Bert was the avid amatuer photograher to whom we are indebted for many early family photos. This particular one was snapped by Sydney.

credit: collection of Kenneth Scott

From the 1910s

About 1913

Lillian (Scott) Fry and her son Francis Fry who was born in 1907.  The photograph was likely taken by Bertram Fry, Lillian's husband who was an avid  photographer.

credit: collection of Kenneth Scott

Frank Scott with his son Leonard Scott

This was  taken in the late spring or early summer of 1918. Leonard was born on Noevember 19 1917 and appears in this photograph to be about 6 to 8 months of age.

credit: album of Leslie Scott
The Melbournes and Family

From left to right, Frank Scott, his son Leonard and his in-laws, Polly and Edward Melbourne. This appears to be taken at the Melbourne home in Waskatenau. The remains of the house are still (just) visible (2011) at the homestead which is now owned by the Melbourne's great grandson, Wayne Scott.

It seems likely that this photograph was taken by Elsie (Melbourne) Scott as she does not appear in the photograph. The photo was taken in the summer of 1918.

credit: album of Leslie Scott

The Scott Family in England about 1919

This photograph was probably taken just after WWI, in the summer of 1919.

Standing behind: Arthur Barnes, Kitty (Scott) Barnes, Lillian (Scott) Fry, Elsie Ribbins, Sydney Scott
In front: Norman Fry, Julia (Slape) Scott, Hilda Fry, Walter Scott, Lillian (Babs) Fry.

Arthur had been a prisoner of war in WWI. By the time this photo was taken, Walter's son Frank, who emigrated to Canada in 1909, had been joined by Lillian's son Francis Fry. Lillian was widowed in a non-war related accident in 1916.

From the 1920s

Who is this child?

This photograph has some information that might be of assistance in determining who the child is. The photograph is mounted on a post card. On the reverse side we see that the card is made in Canada. There is a date, April 14, 1925 and an indication that the child's name is "H. Scott", or perhaps "M. Scott". But who can that be? How old is this child? Perhaps about 2 years. Leslie Scott was born on Aug 23, 1922, but I do not think this is him.

Does anyone recognize the chair or the carpet?

credit: Farm collection from Wayne Scott

Who are these people?

The original photo is on the far left with a close-up of the people in the center. I believe the venue is the Scott Farm in Waskatenau. The lady's dress would indicate this is from the 1920s. The photo has written on the back that it is Elsie Scott with her grandchildren  Kenneth and Sandra, but that is clearly not correct.

credit: Farm collection from Wayne Scott

about 1926

on the left, Leonard Scott, Francis Fry, Leslie Scott and Polly Melbourne. It is interesting to see the large cleared field behind them. This will have been taken at Frank's homestead about 10 years after he became an active farmer.

credit: album of Leslie Scott

about 1927

On the left, Leonard, Leslie and Frank Scott. Does anyone know the make of the car -- probably a new one. The 1920s were a prosperous decade for the Scott Family

On the right. Is this Leonard Melbourne with his wife Sarah and baby Mary in the pram?

credit: album of Leslie Scott

Frank Scott in England, about 1928

About 1928, Frank Scott made his first trip back to England after emigrating to Canada.

I await confirmation of the other persons in this family photo which was taken during this visit.

credit: album of Leslie Scott

From the 1930s

About 1930

In the center are Polly Melbourne and her daughter Elsie Scott. Who are the other two ladies? The house in the background is the home of Frank and Elsie. Later in the 1930s the house was clad in clapboard. The painted rocks on the right were one of Elsie's decorative touches which she maintained at the farm into the 1950s.

credit: album of Leslie Scott

From about 1932

Leonard Scott on his pony is the description on the back of this photograph. The original log structure of the Frank Scott home has been cald with wood siding, an improvement that occured around the early 1930s.

credit: collection of Kenneth Scott

From the 1940s

June 1941

Leslie Scott took pilot's training for a month in 1941, from the middle of June until the middle of July. He was "CT'd" (ceased training) after a crash from which he fortunately walked away without any injury to his person and the remustered as a navigator student. In this photograph he is wearing the rank of an LAC (Leading Aircraftsman) and the white flash of a pilot trainee. The photograph was taken at the RCAF Station, Lethbridge, Alberta, one of the many training bases in Canada of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

credit: collection of Kenneth Scott

Arthur Jospeh Monserez

Arthur was the adopted son of Alphonse and Clotilda Monserez, named after a son of theirs who had drowned in the North Saskatchewan at Edmonton in 1910.

Arthur joined the R.C.A.F. in WWII and became a pilot. This photo was probably taken before he left for England as he is wearing Sergeant's stripes and his pilot's wings. He was killed in England in a plane crash on January 17, 1942. The following information is taken from the Commonwealth War Graves website.

Initials: A J
Nationality: Canadian
Rank: Flight Sergeant (Pilot)
Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force
Unit Text: 403 Sqdn.
Age: 19
Date of Death: 17/01/1942
Service No: R/61119
Additional information: Son of Alphonse and Clotilda Monserez, of Waskatenau, Alberta, Canada.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Row 3. Grave 10.
credit: Farm collection from Wayne Scott

Phyllis and Kenneth Scott

This photograph was likely taken about June 1942 when Kenneth was about a seven months old and just before Leslie departed for his tour of duty with 1407 Met Flight.

credit: Farm collection from Wayne Scott

Kenneth Scott early-1944

These photos were taken in early-1944 when his father Leslie came to the U.K. on leave during his operational tour in Iceland.  The photo on the right shows Leslie wearing the crown of a Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2) which he wore for only a short time before being commisioned.I believe this was taken in Thornbury, England where Phyllis and Ken were staying during his Iceland tour. Leslie was on his way to London to get his officer's uniform.

Note the period style perambulator (pram) and also the harness Kenneth is wearing. The harness had an attachment for a leash so that he could be restrained when on his feet.

credits: Farm collection from Wayne Scotand collection of Kenneth Scott

A Four Generation Photograph

This photograph was taken on the front porch of the house at 11146 - 70th St. in Edmonton. This house was purchased by Leslie Scott using his discharge bonus from the RCAF and the family lived there from 1946 to about 1950. The house is no longer there. It was demolished many years ago to allow construction of the Capilano crossing of the North Saskatchewan (now named after Wayne Gretsky).

Standing are Frank Scott, his mother-in-law Polly Melbourne and his daughter-in-law, Phyllis Scott. Seated are Elsie and Kenneth. The photograph was apparently taken by Leslie who would have given four generations in a line had he been in the photograph.

The photograph was probably taken in the summer of 1947

credit: Farm collection from Wayne Scott
about 1948

Kenneth and Sandra Scott taken in the yard at the family house on 70th Street in Edmonton. Kenneth has a new set of wheels

credit: collection of Kenneth Scott

From the 1950s

Another Four Generation Photo

This photograph was taken on the front lawn at the Scott Farm in Waskatenau in the summer of 1951. Morgan Scott born 18 November 1950 is sitting on the lap of his great-grandmother Polly Melbourne who appears to be almost asleep. His mother Phyllis is sitting on the arm of the chair and  his grandmother Elsie Scott is on the chair to their right.

This photograph was also apparently taken by Leslie who would have given four generations in a line had he been in the photograph.

credit: Farm collection from Wayne Scott

Sandra Scott about 1952

This photograph was taken in the back yard of our house at 20 Cedar Crescent at the RCAF Base in Namao, just north of Edmonton. We lived in this house for about 2 years and while here Leslie was the mayor of the community for about a year.

Sandra is about 8 years old in this photograph. Behind her, the little picket fence area encloses a play area for Morgan who was about two at the time.

credit: Farm collection from Wayne Scott

About June, 1958

Morgan Scott and his mother Phyllis probably at the campground in St. Tropez, France. The tent configuration clearly identifies this as a 1958 photograph.

credit: collection of Kenneth Scott

I am indicating the sources that I have used to scan these photos. In some cases I have more than one copy and it may be that you provided me with one and I have not so acknowledged. No offense is meant and please feel free to contact me so that I can acknowledge your contribution.

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