Assorted Memorial Pages

Over the years, in the course of study or travel, I have occasionally encountered records of military service that I thought worth recording. In some instances these were soldiers,sailors or airmen to whom I had a connection through family links. In other cases they intrigued me through the circumstances of their service. In this section of my website I provide such information on these soldiers as I might have assembled.

Leslie Frank Melbourne Scott (1922 - 2011):
My father, a World War II veteran who had a subsequent career in the R.C.A.F. and later as a diplomat with the Immigration Service of Canada.

Family Soldiers who served in the 20th Century: This is a growing list of people and biographies of family members who served. Some are immediate family; others are much more remote in the their connections to me but have come to my attention through the genealogical research that has always been a part of my life

The Canadian War Graves Cemetery at Agira in Sicily with particular information on Robbie Nicol a close childhood friend of  my father. These pages give an overview of the Sicily campaign as it involved the Canadian forces as well as photographs of the cemetery and details on a couple of Canadian Soldiers.

The Canadian War Graves Cemetery at Kirkee, near Poona, in India: These photographs of graves of Canadian airment were taken during a sojourn I had in Poona in the year 2000.

Loverna WWI Military This site honours the WWI soldiers and airmen of Loverna, Saskatchewan. A relative of mine, George Henry Scott, volunteered from here and was killed at the second battle of Ypres in 1915.

Canadian WWI Soldiers of Kirkoswald, Scotland. I was born near Kirkoswald and lived there as a wee bairn. I became interested in these soldiers when I learned that the Maple Leaf Project had listed that there were three graves there that had not been photographed. It was intriguing to pursue this story

Halifax Bomber DK 253 of RCAF 427 Squadron that crashed on 16 September 1943: This crash was researched by George Rust and this is the story he has written.

The first Turnberry tour of Leslie Scott: This is a biographical account of my parents during the period September 1942 to March 1943 when my father was in training at Turnberry airport in Scotland. It is a small part of a planned work on my parent's wartime experience and this period is of particular interest to me because I was born during it.

The War Graves at Dunure Cemetery in Scotland: Dunure cemetery is located on the west coast of Scotland just a couple of miles north of the town of Maidens and the golf course and former airfield of Turnberry. During WWII a number of airmen who perished in local crashes were buried there and their graves are faithfully tended by the local citizens. Margaret Morell who lives locally and who is a local historian who researches the Turnberry airfield was kind enough to take me there.