Trip to Scotland and England 2010

8 Oct

Sandra's birthday -- Drove to Girvan through Maidens -- spoke with Jeremy from NZ at electric brae. Got cash and topped up phone in Girvan. Visited Maidens and saw harbour -- a couple of photos. Went to Bowmanhill cottage met Alec Monro's daughter (he not there) and took photos. On to Kirkoswald to see Johnny Souter's cottage -- closed for season! Went to see Margaret -- tea -- went for drive with her to see airfield and Hotel, then went to memorial which was raised by public subscription but is on golf course property and basically inaccesible to handicapped. Went to Dunure cemetery where some Turnberry war dead were buried. Looked at some of Margarets archive of research on Turnberry airport from WWI and WWII. Went to dinner at Souter Johnie's Inn in Kirkoswald -- this is the former schoolhouse attended by Robbie Burns.

Images in the Maidens Area

From Dunmure Cemetery: sheep and Aisla Craig in background
Monument at the Electric Brae

Jeremy from NZ puffing 'down' the Electric Brae
WWII bunker at the weary neuk

The red roof on a bay window is Gateside where I lived as an infant
Where Sandra was born 8 October 1944: Bowmanhill Cottage

War Memorial on Turnberry Golf Course
Turnberry Golf course with airport runway showing

Maidens Light House with Aisla Craig to back left
Morell's Blacksmith Shop in old WWII hanger

WWII hut where Dad had an office
Canadian War graves at Dunure Cemetery

Souter Johnie's Inn Kirkoswald
Painting in the inn