Trip to Scotland and England 2010

Oct 12,  Tuesday

Breakfast at B&B, drove by Wick airfield, then to John O'Groats and Pt. Duncansby, Thurso, by a memorial to a downed B-17, the Stones of Caithness and down to Inverness which we bypassed to go to Nairn where we spent the night.

Images from the Wick area

Breakfast with an egg fresh that morning
The river at Wick

river view
Memorial plaque at airport

Wick airfield
WWII seaplane hangers

Images at Point Duncansby

Lighthouse information
Sun salutation at furthest north east point of U.K.

View at the point
The Lighthouse

Bomber Memorial Plaque at Halsary

Memorial plaque on the cairn
closeup showing the names of those who perished in the crash

This memorial plaque is installed on a cairn at a layby on the A9 near Hornaby south of Thurso. It is located near N 58 25 00 W3 25 00 and is just visible on google earth

The map indicates that the crash site is located 5 km from the memorial at a bearing of 220 degrees. We did not do the hike which is across a peat bog. I believe we could see something in that vicinity on google earth

Images at the Stones of Caithness

These stones are estimated to be 4,000 or more years old.